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Does The Customer Pass By? Make Good Use Of The Wooden Floor Sample Display Rack, 7 Ways To Let Customers Fill The Door


As the main component of space environment function, wooden floor sample display rack is one of the most important components in commercial space design. It provides a shining stage for commodities to help merchants sell commodities better. The design and production of wooden floor sample display rack directly affects the sales of commodities and the brand image of enterprises.

1、 What is the wooden floor sample display rack?

"Sample" is a part drawn from a whole, which can represent the quality of a small number of goods.

"Display stand", also known as exhibition stand, information stand, etc. It is widely used in supermarkets and various shopping malls to place products for display, so that the products can be orderly and neat presented in front of consumers.

"wooden floor sample display rack" refers to a small amount of wood floor display stand that can represent the quality of commodities.

What is the wooden floor sample display rack

2、 What are the characteristics of a successful marketing wooden floor sample display rack?

Display and aesthetic functions to attract customers' attention

Placing physical samples to facilitate experiential transaction

Let the product "open up" and assist the store in marketing

Display the most comprehensive products and convey the brand concept of the enterprise

3、 How to build a marketing wooden floor sample display rack?

1. scale

It must be atmospheric, not too small. If your store has a wall, then this wall can be used as a sample display stand.

2. color

The color of wooden floor sample display rack frame is mainly white and transparent. Because only white can set off a wide range of samples, and can highlight the products more. Imagine that if you choose other colors, such as red, it can completely attract the customers' attention, so the customers may not see the samples we want to show.

3. sample

It must be a real sample. For example, we went to buy a mobile phone 7.8 years ago. It was a long counter. When you saw a mobile phone, the waiter brought it out to you as a model. After contact, it won't feel too much.


Now when we go to the mobile phone store, we can find that the guide cabinet is full of real mobile phones, full of electricity, the highest configuration, some installed games, networks and so on, all in order to produce a better sense of experience, so that when he experiences, he will naturally have a sense of ownership and desire to buy. This is the marketing process of using experiential sales to let customers feel the product and finally have the product, The core is to place physical samples.

For fast printing of pictures and texts, the cover of hardcover sample book can be made more delicate, and the inner page should not be put in white paper, but can be put in words, pictures and colors, as well as different paper. At this time, the customer is experiencing the feeling process when watching, and if he is interested, he will take the initiative to consult our employees, and then he can dig into the needs of customers.

4. specifications

It is customized according to actual requirements, rather than unified specifications. Because the samples are large and small, if they are of uniform specifications, it is easy to cause space waste. Therefore, we must first determine the actual needs, and then customize them, or we can adjust the middle partition board at any time.


5. Classified placement

There are a series of samples such as personalized prints, desk calendars, hardcovers, recipes, etc.

Classified placement

6. time

Carry out a regular replacement, half a year or a year need to replace some samples. Because the samples are placed for a long time, customers will lose more or less when using them. Therefore, we need to supplement some new samples at any time, and when we develop some new products, we need to replace them. At the same time, it is necessary to keep the sample display rack clean and tidy at all times.

7. distance

The wooden floor sample display rack is about three meters away from the counter, not too far away. Generally speaking, 5m is a kind of activity space, a space state in which people do not disturb each other; 3M is a kind of social distance, which is not too far away to produce a sense of distance, nor too close to make people feel nervous; 50cm is an emotional space, which is generally the distance between lovers, relatives and friends. Therefore, 3 meters is the most suitable.

On the other hand, it is also practical. No matter the size of the store, it is necessary to keep a distance of 3 meters, because there is a customer rest area next to the wooden floor sample display rack, and then the counter. Suppose that the customer is reading the catalog during the break, talking to himself, well, this is good. The sales staff can go over and explain it after hearing it. This is a process of discovering the customer's needs.

In addition to meeting the functions of displaying commodities, conveying information and selling commodities in terms of color, physical samples and classified display, the "marketing type wooden floor sample display rack" can generate a series of psychological activities such as attention, interest, desire, memory, etc. before purchasing commodities, and can also show the characteristics of the products in all aspects, making the products glow with extraordinary charm.

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