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When Decorating The Exhibition Hall, Which Kind Of Tile Ahowroom Display Stands Should Be Chosen?


When decorating the exhibition hall, we are always concerned about how to display the products better. With the popularity of simple style and modern style, when decorating the exhibition hall,the tile showroom display stands is indispensable, because it can display more products, and it is flexible to change samples. Of course, different display racks are also necessary there are different characteristics, then how to choose the appropriate tile showroom display stands? In recent days, Fengsunny has specially prepared several Tile showroom display stands to share with you for your reference.

When Decorating The Exhibition Hall, Which Kind Of Tile Ahowroom Display Stands Should Be Chosen?

1、 Punch plate

Punch board is the most widely used and the most economical display stand. It has the following advantages: convenient installation, sample changing and compatible with tile specifications. Strong, all kinds of different specifications of ceramic tiles can be placed, this style is practical, but also supports unlimited splicing.

According to the introduction of fengsoni's small knitting, the punching plate looks simple, but it has high requirements for production process and production equipment. Some of the products that are not well made often have poor flatness and straightness uneven, there are waves on the surface of the board, some places are bulging, and you can press it with one hand. There are also inaccurate hole positions, errors in sample loading, and the display effect is affected.

Punch plate

When choosing the punching plate, try to choose the one with good flatness (straight and flat), accurate hole position, uniform surface spraying and delicate and mellow edge.

Punch plate1

2、 Multifunctional punch pipe

The punching pipe is punched on the square aluminum pipe, and the buckle is installed on the hole at will. The punching pipe can be installed and fixed on the wall with different width according to the product specification in this way, products of different specifications can be placed, such as 300x600, 600x600, 800X800, 400x800, 900x900, 300x900, 600x1200 and wood stripes and so on, this type of tile showroom display stands is more adaptable, and it is also very convenient to change the sample.

Its disadvantage is that when a width specification, such as 800, was originally fixed, and later it was changed to 600, the punching pipe should be removed again reinstall.

Multifunctional punch pipe

Multifunctional punch pipe

3、 Fixed upper wall display frame

The fixed upper wall display frame is similar to the second type of punching pipe, which is fixed on the wall, and can't be adjusted after being fixed according to certain specifications,this display frame, the four sides of the sample brick are wrapped with aluminum, and the overall view of beauty.

There are two kinds of fixed wall display racks. One is that the specifications are fixed. The customized ones are 600 specifications, 800 specifications, and 800 specifications. When they are shipped back, they are directly installed on the wall.

Fixed upper wall display frame

Another is that the width specification can be adjusted within the range of 600-1200, that is to say, you can customize it in the factory and adjust the specification according to the actual situation in the shop the grid is fixed to the wall.

4、 Porcelain display stand

The general ceramic tile display stand is pasted on the back of the brick with magic clasp or directly with glue. The iron Potter's display stand is clasped. The normal specification is 1200x2400mm the main 

Porcelain display stand

material of the shelf is aluminum alloy, which is very light. There are rollers up and down, which is convenient to pull left and right.

5、 Adjustable push-pull display stand

The display frame is also made of aluminum alloy. It can be customized according to customers' requirements. The width of the single board can be adjusted from 600-1200mm, and the maximum width can be customized to 1800mm, 3600mm high

The display frame is divided into pressing side type and hook type.

The advantage of the edge pressing type is that the upper and lower tiles are closely connected. Some of the tiles with the edge pressing type have a good effect of texture coherence, but it is more difficult for two people to cooperate in the operation of sample loading and sample changing do.

The hook type upper and lower sample bricks are separated, which is more suitable for single display. Its advantage is that the upper sample can be changed flexibly, and one person can operate it.

6、 Large board display frame with continuous lines

This large-scale display rack with continuous pattern can be customized according to the size provided by customers, and can be mounted with some 1200x2400 large-scale background walls. We know. We think it's a big background wall the sample is pasted on, and the sample will be damaged when changing the sample. 

However, this display rack is used for display, that is, it is not pasted, but it is pasted with buckle card, if there is any guest

If you want a template, you can remove the background wall of this panel.

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